Dr. Levin wants to be your partner in this journey, and wants you look forward to each one of your visits.  In line with our mission of providing a fun and exciting office environment, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Tune Town Rewards and the Rock Star Club.

Tune Town Rewards

This Program is for patients who are in or who have completed active treatment with appliances or braces.  Everyone is a winner!

Tune Town Rewards also incorporates our previous care2share program.  We still want you to know just how much we appreciate your sharing the gift of a smile, when you refer your family and friends to North Valley Orthodontics.

Click here to view our current Tune Town Rewards prize redemption menu.

Download and print a Dental Certificate for your dentist or hygienist to sign.

Tune Town Rewards program

Rock Star Club

Not ready for orthodontic treatment quite yet?  We have special prizes and Rock Star parties just for you!

Rock Star obs club